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Spring Fling 4/22/17

You’re invited to the 8th annual Spring Fling at Frederick Block.

Saturday, April 22 from 10:00 – 2:00
1040 Martinsburg Pike – Winchester 

DIY Clinics  ⁄  Q102’s Chris & Rosie
Brick Oven Pizza by Anthony’s Pizza
Contractors on Site for Consultations
Grilling  ⁄  Moon Bounce  ⁄  Door Prizes

Workrite Colored Mortar

Beginning March 2017, Frederick Block, Brick & Stone will transition from Essroc’s Flamingo colored mortar to Workrite’s colored mortar. This change will only effect colored mortar, NOT regular gray Type N, gray Type S, or cement.

This change was prompted by Essroc moving their Flamingo colored mortar manufacturing operation from Speed, Indiana to Atlanta, Georgia. In the past, when colored mortar manufacturing facilities have moved, there is an inherent color variation to the product.

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone has determined that Workrite colored mortar is equal to the existing Essroc Flamingo colors. Workrite had been subcontracted to make the Essroc Flamingo colors, meaning that their product was essentially the same mix design, but bagged as Essroc. It is probable that in the past our customers have received Workrite produced color mortar, in an Essroc bag, without realizing it.

Frederick Block will be able to cross-reference the original Essroc Flamingo colors to the new Workrite colors for you.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact your sales representative or our office.

Rapid Fire

What’s on the side of your house can have a huge impact on how quickly a fire can spread.

[Steve] Kerber (director of the Firefighter Safety Research Institute at Underwriters Laboratories) said brick and stone don’t catch fire. “You could put a fire on brick or stone all day long and you’re not going to burn a house down through brick,” he explained.