Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge has a range of different colors on each side of the stone, including deep smoky blue, bronze, brown and rust.
The palette is rustic in nature, making this stone suitable to homes set in the woods, along waterfronts and in more urban settings, when paired with glass and various metals.
Blue Ridge is a relatively soft stone that will shape easily but will shatter when cut at a 90 degree angle and may chip or fracture along its edges.
In areas of high moisture, water will migrate along the bedding planes and freeze thaw will split the stone apart.


House fronts, commercial facades, foundations, columns, chimneys, fireplaces and surrounds, hearths, exterior and interior walls, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

Color Range

Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Rust


Split face


Piece size varies with average face dimension of 8” to 24” and average thickness of 1” to 3”


Thin Stone products are sold by the ton.


Approximately 70-100 square feet per ton as a veneer. Approximately 14-18 cubic feet per ton for stone walls


Blue Ridge Thin Stone