Curb Appeal

Curb appeal. It’s one of the most talked about aspects of a home. When preparing to sell, it’s often the first place your realtor will tell you to start fixing up. After all, it’s the first impression, and a ruddy or lackluster exterior doesn’t create a positive reaction! If potential buyers are unimpressed at first look, they’re likely to be more critical overall, that is, if they even head inside. Your home’s exterior should entice them from the very beginning.

But even if you’re not planning to sell, the face of your home should bring you a sense of pride. The way you feel about your home’s exterior can set the mood before you ever walk through your front door. When you invest in sprucing up, you can choose a low-maintenance masonry option that not only gives character and charm but will also look great year after year with almost no effort.

No matter what motivates you to improve your home’s curb appeal, beauty is a strong consideration, but so is ROI. According to research from Zillow (a leading real estate and rental marketplace), stone veneer offers a 94.6% recoup rate, making it the number 2 best rated home improvement investment you can choose! When you combine that with the minimal maintenance and the long-lasting durability, stone veneer is sure to be your favorite choice.

At Frederick Block, Brick & Stone we offer a wide variety of options for stone veneer from a myriad of manufacturers. Our knowledgeable sales team (many of whom have years of masonry experience) can help you find the perfect match for your home and your budget. While we have a few options in our online product catalog, we encourage you to come visit one of showrooms in Winchester, Loudoun, or Ruckersville for a full product showcase and current pricing.