Hearthstead Castle

Hearthstead Castle is a traditional weathered fieldstone with subtle variations of tans, grays, and browns. This affordable offering is priced competitively against manufactured veneers – allowing all the benefits and cost savings with the incomparable beauty and timeless appeal of a natural product.

Hearthstead Castle can be installed above or below grade and usually does not requires footers or additional support. Check with local building codes before installing material. This durable material is suitable for interior and exterior use.


Interior and exterior adhered veneer, including house fronts, commercial facades, foundations, columns, outdoor kitchens, backsplashes, shower walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and surrounds.

Color Range

Gray, Silver, Brown


Weathered Face , Sawn Back


Piece size varies average:
Length – 6″ to 22″
Heights – 6″ to 12″
Thickness – .75″ to 1.75″




Flats available in 100SF boxes.
Corners available in 65LF boxes.
Coverage based on .5″ mortar joint.


Hearthstead Castle Thin Stone