Stony Point Ashlar Blend Thin Stone

Stony Point Ashlar Blend

Stony Point Ashlar Blend offers a linear, contemporary look with a rich palette of cream, gold, gray, chocolate brown, tan, buff, white and hints of burgundy. It is crafted from natural fieldstone with a blend of our natural and chiseled faces cut to bring out the optimum color and texture of the original stone. The physical appearance of the stone offers a combination of rich natural, weathered and chiseled faces to create a look that is perfect for rustic, county, and casual settings as well as designs that feature a more modern aesthetic. The aesthetic of the finished stonework will vary depending on the setting style used. A dry-stack look, like the one featured above, will require the mason to heavily work and shape the stone to create a tight fit. Stony Point Ashlar Blend also looks stunning when set with exposed, visible joints and will require less “tooling” of the stone from the mason.

This locally sourced material may qualify as a LEED product for the Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina markets.


Interior and exterior adhered veneer, including house fronts, commercial facades, foundations, columns, outdoor kitchens, backsplashes, shower walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and surrounds.

Color Range

Cream, Gold, Gray, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Buff, White


Chiseled and natural Faces


Piece size varies average:
Length – 6″ to 14″
Heights – 5″ to 12″
Thickness – .75″ to 1.5″


~14lbs/SF based on 1.5″ thickness


Flats available in 20SF, 100SF, and 200SF boxes.
Corners available in 20LF and 100LF boxes.
Coverage based on .5″ mortar joint.
Allow for 20% waste when using a dry-stack application.


Stony Point Ashlar Blend