Retaining Walls

Traditional retaining walls can add a functional design element to any landscaping project. However, if you’re looking to create the feel of multiple outdoor rooms, or simply wish to create additional built-in seating, double-sided, freestanding block walls can be your saving grace. These beautiful walls can run straight along your walkway or curve with the contours of your patio and are great for applications such as seating areas, borders, pilasters and columns.

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone is ready to help you stretch the creative boundaries, whether you have a simple weekend project in mind or an elaborate engineered design, we can help you find the right wall material.

Retaining wall products offer the ability to create beauty with a cost-effective, easily installed, low-maintenance solution. Walls can be designed straight, curved, terraced, with steps, or with 90-degree corners. Retaining wall block make excellent garden terraces, sandboxes, raised planters, and retaining walls. Gravity walls that are typically 2-3’ high are good do-it-yourself projects. For any reinforced wall that is 3’ or higher, FBBS recommends hiring a professional contractor.

Retaining Wall Block Manufacturers Represented by FBBS