Thin Stone

Manufactured Thin Stone Veneer

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone has access to thousands of different stone products. With this extensive selection of stone types, colors, thicknesses, and textures, you are bound to find stone that is just right for your project and within your budget. The engineering advances in manufactured stone have made it difficult to tell the difference between the two. Manufactured stone is made from a mixture of Portland cement, mineral oxides, lightweight aggregates, and pigments. The result is a lightweight, natural looking stone that is suitable for interior or exterior applications. Easy to install and load, veneer thin stone comes in flats, corners, and accent pieces give you control over the aesthetics of your project’s design.

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MVMA Stone Installation Guidelines

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Enjoy the grandeur of natural stone in unexpected places. With the emergence of natural thin stone veneer, this classic building material can now be designed for use on virtually any interior or exterior surface. To meet the specifications for adhered veneers, natural stone is cut to less than 2” thickness. Natural thin veneer stone is available in flats, as well as corners to give your project the perceived depth of building stone.

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